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The RockSet are Suzie, Andrew, Pete, Lucy, Joe, Paul, Sidney and George ... and of course "Newman" (in many other roles), which ensures everything out of the stage ;o)
Our basic set is still stable after 8 years - the intention, the way and our connection eventually turned out to be right and the ever-increasing interest in our performance is proof. But it was not at all certain at the beginning...

Suzie, as a solo singer and frontman of various musical ensembles, has been constantly moving to new projects, and she doesn't like staying in "standing water".
In 2008, some friends and fans start asking: "Why don't you sing some Roxette songs? Do you almost look like that, do you sing in a similar style, and are you like this type of "woman singer from Roxette?"" When such questions began to reproduce, it was no wonder that she eventually succumbed to this idea.
At first she did not want to go into the genre of so-called "revival" (called in Czechia), which at that time had a rather problematic position in the Czech Republic.
Finally, in the spring of 2009, after almost a year's hesitation, she decided not only to "sing Roxette songs", but to set up a whole band that give tribute to one of the Swedish pop music legends - ROXETTE!

Studio - April 2009
... pre-start shooting ;o)

In May 2009 - it succeeded to group (with the first attempt) a bunch of professional musicians who have a lifetime experience from other well-known musical formations and cooperation with many leading musicians in Czech Republic and abroad.
Suzie chose among the colleagues she had met at various events, and many of them had never been on the stage together. But the intuition was right, and as time went on, it turned out she had a happy hand.
And so base of the band was formed in this composition: lead vocal (Suzie "New" Nova), lead vocal and guitars (Andrew Gorcik), solo guitar (Pete "Feeble" Slaby), bass (Lucy Kinski) and drums (Paul "Shapha" Safarik). About two months later, with the arrival of the keyboardist (Martin Otruba), the band became complete.

During our existence so far, several other musicians who have alternate together or hosted have stepped into the band. Some went on another way, some stayed with us. Sidney Sulc, Jarda Velek and Johnny Horkel alternated the solo guitar with Pete gradually. Martin shared keyboard for almost seven years with Joe Barta and also vocalist Joan Barta supported vocals for some time. Lucy and George Wiesenberg alternate with bass guitar since 2011 and Sidney "Pospa" Pospisil strengthened us as next drummer in 2013.
The current set doesn't differ much from the base:
lead vocal
ANDREW GORCIKlead vocal / guitars
PETE "Chucky" SLABÝsolo guitar / vocal
JOE BARTAkeyboard / sax / vocal
bass guitar
bass guitar
PAUL "Newman" NOVYsound engineering & more...
Artistry and inventions of musicians is, of course, extremely important for the functioning of a really good formation that has a lot to offer the audience. But the real professionalism, success and viability of the band, as we have seen over the years, are mainly due to enthusiasm, invested energy and to the relationships of all members of band. And that's mostly going on! ;o)
We have gained recognition and outstanding reputation for our high-energy show, dynamism and unique approach to interpretation of the repertoire and the honors of ROXETTE. Since the beginning of the band's existence, our action has been characterized by a great deal of naturalness, own invention, energy and joy, which is reliably transmitted to the audience. Thanks to this, or because of this, our production, despite the visual similarity of the original, is not perceived as an imitation, but on the contrary, by our cogency and nature, we get supporters not only from the Rox-fans.
Of course, we try to present the original Roxette repertoire in the most authentic form, but we don't interpret it only mechanically. We also bring a piece of our own personality and at the same time we're flowing in their music. Only this is the way you can give up the creator of the honor, and only this is the way you can apply for the favor of the fans.


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